3 Tips before setting the layout of an advertising car wrap

The Best Commercial Vehicle Wraps in Colorado Springs at EAS

Car wrap designs can be extremely fun, but when you’re creating an advertising car wrap, it needs to be effective for commercial purposes as well. And if you’re a creative genius or just an normal manager trying to do some creative marketing, then the vehicle wrap waters can get confusing. At EAS we offer such a wide range of possibilities for vehicle wraps, that it can be overwhelming to make a choice. That’s why we strongly recommend you to pay special attention to these three tips we share today, it will help you ground your creative genie and help you focus on why you advertise.

Commercial Car Wraps

Commercial Car Wrap

Keep it simple

In terms of design, simple is always better. Just take a look at every big corporation out there: Google, Facebook, Apple are some of the biggest names on the digital end. More traditional brands like Coca-Cola and Mc Donald’s have this simplicity reality very clear. So why not follow the experts’ tendencies? Of course you must consider how well established and positioned they are in the market, so don’t go overboard in simplicity either. For example, on the sides of the vehicle, you want to get an attractive image and your company’s logo. This two considerations are a good starting point. Balance is the key!

lip on wheel wrap

Lip on wheel wrapped

 Stand out

Now, standing out for itself can be very detrimental and actually provoke the exact opposite effect of what you expect. In other words, it will scare potential clients away. Therefore, when you want to stand out in a crowd with a moving billboard, you need something large and eye catching that can be comprehended quickly, while the vehicle is in motion. Symmetry is the key!

Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Don’t over explain

The final crucial advice has to do with the description on the advertisement. So keep in mind that too much descriptive text and bullet points on the side of a vehicle can become lost.  If you want to list your services on the side of the vehicle, you might want to go with clear icons that show what you do, rather than hoping someone can read a list, while your vehicle goes by at 40+ mph, or more! If your company’s name already explains what you do – i.e. “Elite Auto Salon” – the company name will suffice. Other times, descriptive text and bullet points are needed. Consider that the rear of your vehicle may be a place where potential clients have more time to read. Easy-to-remember is the key!

“Architects of Fidelity” in Colorado Springs

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EAS Advertising Car Wrap

EAS Advertising Car Wrap