In 2006, founder of EAS, Sam Teeters, was working at Intel in Colorado Springs. The plant was closed down and Sam was forced to make a decision. He could transfer to another location, or stay in Colorado Springs and try to make a living doing something else. With a hobby in stereo installation, tuning and design, he looked to make this into a business of his own. No other local stereo shops specialized in high-end audio, and it was a perfect outlet for his love of fabrication and problem solving that he normally had in his career at Intel.

EAS had two simple values: treat every single customer with the utmost respect, and deliver the highest quality possible.

Sam decided to make the jump and try to build this business from nothing. He rented a small shop, bought new equipment and opened the doors.  The shop was situated in an industrial plaza in a remote area of Colorado Springs. EAS relied on word of mouth alone to drive business.  EAS had two simple values: treat every single customer with the utmost respect, and deliver the highest quality possible.

In 2008 Sam partnered Timothy Cochran and together they began making plans for EAS’s future.  With Timothy’s background in retail and EAS’ core values it was a great combination.  Shortly after Timothy came on board, the 1200 sq shop was no longer going to accommodate the demand – it was time to move on.  EAS relocated to a much larger facility.  The new facility was still located within an industrial area, however EAS finally decided to dabble in regular retail by opening a public showroom.  This showroom showcased the higher end audio products the company had to offer.

At this time EAS was still audio and interior fabrication, however that was all about to change.  In 2009 Action Line owner Tony Golden, after many years of collaboration with EAS, decided to share in the EAS location.  This was a perfect match.  Action Line delivered the highest quality clear bra and vehicle graphics while consistently putting the customers needs first.  EAS and Action Line began sharing many projects to meet a wider range of their customers needs.  It was at this time that EAS and Action line decided to delve into vehicle wraps a very new industry (at least to us and our area).  While this had been going on the demand for EAS’ audio had grown even greater and one more installer had been hired: Cameron Boutin – a promising fabricator in the making.

EAS and Action Line were overwhelmed with the demand for wraps.  In order to deliver vehicle wraps to the quality that we desired, we realized we would need even more talent.  At this point Gary Turk “Turk”. entered the EAS scene.  Turk has a very extensive background in paint and body taking a vehicle paint job to a level most people don’t even know exists.  It was that attention to detail and the ability to safely disassemble a vehicle that pushed our wraps to a level far surpassing the traditional advertising wrap.  EAS and Action Line began doing wraps in lieu of paint.  This requires a very high level of skill and quality control that was perfect for Tony and Gary.

Cameron Boutin had been selected as one of the top 100 installers in the nation, and EAS as one of the top 50 mobile electronic retailers in the US.

By 2011 EAS had become a regional name as the place to go if you needed Audio. This reputation did not just stop there, the mobile electronics industry had taken notice as well.  Cameron Boutin had been selected as one of the top 100 installers in the nation as well as EAS being named as one of the top 50 mobile electronic retailers in the US!  EAS had also gained quite a bit of notoriety as the place to go to get what you couldn’t get any where else, where ever that might be.  EAS and Action Line found their companies being asked to perform very unique tasks, mixing graphic design, audio, paint restoration, clear bra, and fabrication.  With all of these talents together EAS and Action Line had created one single location for all things aesthetic pertaining to your vehicle.

In late 2012, EAS (Elite Audio Solutions) and Action Line decided to merge their companies to form Elite Auto Salon “Architects of Fidelity”.  With this merge EAS decided to leave the industrial plaza and open a full retail establishment with something for everyone.  Although there are more people now there is still one common goal to deliver the highest possible customer service and quality to each and every client we deal with.

Elite Auto Salon
“Architects of Fidelity”