Audison: Technology and Quality in Colorado Springs for High Fidelity Sound

At Audison Everything is About Innovation and Quality

Audison is an Italian company that specializes in high quality sound for vehicles by selecting the best materials and tools in order to produce the perfect sound.  Their highly qualified technicians will make sure that the Audison products meet all of the company’s high standard requirements before they hit the market, in order to guarantee the best quality in sound experience that you can get.



 High Fidelity Sound

Audison products are designed with elegance and with top of the line technology, offering innovative solutions that go beyond the limits with every new product released out to the market. Every product that Audison creates comes with the vast experience and knowledge of their technicians from different areas of the electronics industry, to ensure the best production techniques. So Audison is all about quality and it is how they produce high fidelity sound: that is the Audison way! And that’s what we offer you at EAS in Colorado Springs when we install your Audison products.

Audison voce AV 12

Audison voce AV 12


At Elite Auto Salon We Have The Best Audio Products In Colorado For Your Vehicle

APK163 Audison speakers

Audison APK163 OEM speakers

We have all the Audison products available for you in our shop.  Stop by our Cimarron Showroom and let us show you why we have the best aesthetics services for your vehicle, we are sure you will find what you are looking for and our professional staff is ready to help you make the best choice for your vehicle.  

At EAS we have two simple values: Treat every single customer with the utmost respect and Deliver the highest quality possible.

We are located between Constitution and Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, you can call us at 719.325.6974 anytime, and we are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. We love new projects and we are passionate about everything that makes your car look and sound amazing!

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