Car Audio Balanced to Perfection

Most factory sound systems are designed to just be good enough…

Manufacturers generally use cheap speakers and low-power dirty amplifiers. By upgrading the speaker system and amplifiers, you will hear your music in a totally new way, this is what we mean by car audio balanced to perfection.

EAS Toyota Tacoma

EAS Toyota Tacoma subwoofer enclosure

A vehicle’s interior can be a horrible environment for sound

Road noise and other factors make it difficult to hear the balance of your music as you would at home. By adding subwoofers and powering them appropriately, you can overcome bad acoustics. Subwoofers don’t always mean an overpowering bass. We know how to tune it just right so the sound inside your car will blend in as a natural extension to your music. Of course, if big bass is your thing, we can push the limits to make it a truly visceral experience.

Audison Bit One

Audison Bit One digital sound processor

Car Audio Balanced to Perfection

Have you noticed that your speakers are all at different distances from where you sit in the driver’s seat? This causes the sounds to reach your ears at different times, and instead of being all distinct, it produces a blur. If you could sit with your head in the center of the car, you would hear a dramatic difference in the sound. That’s why we offer digital processing units that delay the sounds from the speakers in a way that they all have laser focus on your seat behind the wheel, creating a clarity that will surprise you!

Elite Auto Salon custom sub box enclosures

Custom enclosure in process

Custom Fabrication Harmonized with your Interior

However you want your sound system to look, whether blended with your interior or something a lot more flashy, we can design it for you. Our welding and fiberglass techniques ensure the best in fitment and security, while our finishing techniques make your sound system look as if the car came that way! Well, maybe even better…

“Architects Of Fidelity” – Elite Audio Salon

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