A smart way to do protect your car from inevitable scratches

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT

No matter the severity, new scratches can be infuriating to car owners, especially if the car was recently driven from the dealer’s lot. Not only are scratches unsightly and may affect the trading value, but if left alone, some severe scratches open a car’s body to moisture and corrosion. Dealing with a scratch earlier is much easier than fighting the consequences later. But wrapping your car with clear bra can help protect your car from inevitable scratches.

car scratches

Inevitable car scratches

11 Common causes

Kids…and their toys. Kids often play outside with basketballs, footballs, or different types of toys. Problem is the clear coat on your car is very soft and dragging their body or an object across the vehicle can leave light scratches in the paint surface. Hard contact with the car from any of these objects make can leave deep scratches and or dents

Parking Lots. Sometimes people don’t even know they scratched your car because they are on the phone and just don’t pay attention. Gates can also at times be miscalibrated and they can cause scratches.

Tools. Used when washing or drying a paint surface.

Unsuitable applicator or brush when cleaning the car or removing dirt, snow, etc.

Cheap micro fiber or terry cloth towels or some wash sponges will scratch the paint as these materials are hard and unforgiving, inflicting scratches without the need for grit particles.

Jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc) coming into contact with paint (i.e. rings abrading door handle recess).

Infrequent rinsing of brush or wash mitt when washing vehicle.

Bikes. Clamp-on bike racks or roof racks can cause scratches and dents to roofs if not properly installed. Also when leaning against the car bikes can scratch the body.

Tree limbs and bushes. When your car brushes up against brushes in the driveway can be aggressive on the soft clear coat of your vehicle, avoid these objects.

Pets and other animals. Scratch marks from animal claws can look serious, but they are not deep enough to cause permanent damage.

Parking Attendant. Valet or parking garage attendants can cause some unintended damages.

 EAS Wraps

EAS can help you protect your car from inevitable scratches

A full vehicle wrap covers all the surface on a car. This prevents stone chip, general wear and tear, scratches and weathering unlike paint which chips away. Having your car wrapped would help to prevent damage to the actual paintwork with durable and easy to replace vinyl. You can add all kinds of designs on to a car wrap or you can get Clear Bra to protect your vehicle’s paint with this invisible polyeurethane coating.

Unlike having to repaint a custom paint job, most wraps that are damaged can be fixed by laminating a new piece and patching the damaged area with minimal amounts of work.

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