Top 5 Reasons For Automotive Window Tint in Colorado Springs

Here are the top 5 reasons to tint your ride.

Beat the Heat– Automotive Window tint is highly effective at reducing solar energy. EAS has window treatments that can provide up to 70% total solar energy rejection.

Protection from UV Rays– Ultraviolet rays have always been dangerous (especially being a mile closer to the sun,) and the depletion of the ozone layer has intensified the effects. Window tint is proven to reduce ultraviolet rays by up to 99%.

Reduce Glare– Glare while driving can blind vision and create a dangerous condition. Window tint applied to a vehicle’s side and rear windows can significantly reduce glare.

Safety and Security– Window tint can act to hold the glass together during an accident. It can also add privacy by reducing the visibility of vehicle contents.

Auto Aesthetics– Let’s face it, it’s just “COOL” to have window tint.