PIKES PEAK SPEEDWEEK: Cool Wraps from last year’s PPIHC

The world of car races would not be the same without the racing “feel” that race car wraps bring to the equation and Pikes Peak Speedweek is on, and is no exception.  Just picture the Pike Peak Hill Climb racers, driving their awesome machines looking like plain old production cars. Boring… In fact, the Fan Fest without the cool car wraps displayed would not feel the same. The effect of the “Principle of the wrap” has no exception and applies to every type of car race. This is the principle: A race car without a car wrap will not be remembered.

It’s a matter of size not preference

It’s also a matter of uniqueness in style and design that won’t be forgotten. Whether a classical style like Fred Veitch’s Porsche Turbo,

PPIHC 2013

Fred Veitch’s Porsche Turbo

Division: Time Attack 2 Car: 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo # 73 From Colorado Springs, CO CO

Or, a modern approach like Robert Prilika’s Porsche GT3,

Robert Prilika’s Porsche GT3

Robert Prilika’s Porsche GT3

Division: Time Attack 2 Car: 2010 Porsche GT3 Cup # 25 From Castle Rock, CO

Racing car wraps definitely make the difference. In fact, check out these 3 other killer cars that racers from Colorado drive that you will not forget and don’t wanna miss at the Fan Fest.


#1 Paul Dallenbach, from Basalt Colorado, is a 7 time winner of the PPIHC and former overall record holder. For those who don’t remember he crashed his monster back in 2012 but survived and came back. Last year he got a new record on Land Rovers SUV, making the Range Rover Sport the fastest production car ever reaching the summit. This year Dallenbach is back driving his PVA model 3 for the Open Wheel division.

Paul Dallenbach, from Basalt Colorado

Paul Dallenbach, from Basalt Colorado

Division: Open Wheel Car: PVA model 3 # 98 From Basalt, CO

# 2 Scott Crouch is from Boulder CO and he is the co-driver for the Flatirons Rally Team and is the General manger for Flatirons Imports, home of the largest Subaru Dealership in Colorado. Crouch serves as the team manager as well as the co-driver. Back in 2005 he won with the prod. GT class Subaru on his division. Hopefully this year our experimented driver will surprise us with his 2013 Subaru WRX. He will be on the Time Attack Division as Time Attack 1. He will be racing with car # 429

Scott Crouch from Boulder CO

Scott Crouch from Boulder CO

Division: Time Attack 1 Car: 2013 Subaru WRX # 429 From Boulder, CO

# 3 David Kern is from Centennial CO and began racing in 2001. He learned early on to focus on the fundamentals, honing his skills at auto-x and rally-x events throughout Colorado, and although he has never won the PPIHC 1st place, he has obtained 2nd and 3rd places of the Time Attack Division as Time Attack 1. Maybe this will be the year where # 156 vo will be the fastest of his division.

David Kern from Centennial CO

David Kern from Centennial CO

Division: Time Attack 1 Car: 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX #  156 From Centennial, CO


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