Custom Fabrication for Sound Systems in Colorado Springs

The Way You Want It, We Build It!

We understand that our customers have different preferences in regards to the way their audio system should look like in the interior of their vehicles, that’s why we offer custom fabrication for sound systems!

The Best Techniques For A Perfect Result

Your vehicle  – as every other vehicle – has it’s own style, and most of the time the audio system you want won’t fit your vehicles speaker box. But don’t worry, we have it covered with our welding and fiberglass techniques, which will ensure a perfect fitment, and with our finishing techniques your audio system will look just as if it came with your car. Also, it doesn’t matter if you want some flash to emphasize the stereo system, or something to meld into your vehicle’s interior.

Custom Speaker. A good match for this car, with no sacrifice in space.

Custom Speakers: a perfect match with no sacrifice in space

Outstanding Sound Control With Custom Speaker Box

We can control the way you want your audio system to sound by fabricating a speaker box, making sure to reach the highest level of sound quality. For subwoofers, we can customize the box for a sound that blends well with your other speakers or to play as loud as possible. Whichever options you choose, we’ll make sure that your vehicle audio system has the best sound ever!

Custom trunk speaker boxes

Custom trunk speaker boxes

Protect Your Investment With Our Stealth Installations

When you invest money on your vehicle you need to make sure to protect your investment, and at EAS we have the best solution for you in order to protect your sound system. Amps can be hidden under seats or behind interior panels. Subwoofer box can be hidden behind false trunk walls, or even be mounted inside the interior body panels. Ask for our stealth installations and our staff will be more than glad to explain the options we have available.

Hidden Audison 5-channel amp and Audison Voce subwoofer

Hidden Audison 5-channel amp and Audison Voce subwoofer

Elite Auto Salon – Architects Of Fidelity

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our professional staff is waiting for you, we have the best technology and experience for all the aesthetics services your car needs, from car audio to vehicle wraps.

Stop by our Cimarron Showroom and let us show you why we are the best. We are located downtown, just East of I-25 on Cimarron. or contact us anytime, we love new projects and we’re passionate about everything that makes your car look and sound amazing!

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