Detailing a Jaguar XJ at Elite Auto Salon

Detailing a Jaguar XJ at EAS

Detailing a Jaguar XJ

When we received this Jaguar XJ on our shop for detailing, it had scratches all over the fenders, the hood and the trunk, which also had water spot stains. It was time to start working to give this amazing car the beauty and class it deserves. After the first wash, the Jaguar still had scratches all across the roof and other areas of the car, and it was not until we performed a full swirl-free scratch removal, that the car looked like new with our professional detailing service.

Jaguar XJ before Detailing

Jaguar XJ before Detailing


Once we completed the full detailing service to this Jaguar XJ, the appearance of the car changed completely. Now this amazing Jaguar looks like new and will have a long term protection, since our detailing service not only removes scratches and water spot stains, it will also remove contaminants that can leave a permanent damage to the clear coat of your vehicle.


After Detailing Service

Elite Auto Salon – Leave Your Car Like New With Our Professional Detailing Service

With EAS detailing service your car paint will look better than new, and will have a long lasting protection against contaminants. If you are planning to sell your car, it will help to increase its value by improving the buyer’s perception of the vehicle.

Our professional staff is waiting for you! They are ready to start detailing your vehicle and perform any other aesthetic services your car needs, from Speed Detection to Headlight Restoration. We love new projects and we’re passionate about everything that makes your car look and sound amazing!


Stop by our Cimarron Showroom and let us show you why we are the best car aesthetic shop in Colorado. We are located downtown, just East of I-25 on Cimarron. or contact us anytime. We are open Tuesday to Saturday From 9 am to 6 pm.

Elite Auto Salong Detailing Service

Elite Auto Salon Detailing Service

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