EAS: 5 Tips To Superior Automotive Audio

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Lets face it, sometimes we spend more time in our vehicles than in our own living room. Many of the nice stereos we have in that living room are sitting there unused, because we are probably sitting in traffic.We can really improve your driving experience by maximizing your existing audio system, or bring out the Big Guns and set up the best of the industry in your vehicle.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few suggestions that can will really improve you audio system.

i8 interior

Extend capability with OEM integration


Keep your existing factory electronics in place while adding better sound, smartphone integration, or any other new gadgetry.

2. Upgrade

Most factory sound systems are designed to be just good enough. Manufacturers generally use cheap speakers and low-power dirty amplifiers. By upgrading the speaker system and amplifiers, it will bring out details in your music that you’ve never even heard before.

3. Balance

Audison Bit One

Balance your sound with a DSP unit

We offer digital processing units that delay the sounds from the speakers in a way that they all have laser focus on your seat behind the wheel. It creates a clarity that will surprise you.

4. Eliminate Outside Noise

Sound dampening along the flooring and firewall will make for a dramatically quieter ride. While driving at any speed, you will notice a difference in the ambient noise in the cabin of your vehicle, due to the cutting of engine and road noise.

Sound Dampening

Isolate road noise with sound dampening


However you want your sound system to look, whether blended with your interior or more flashy, we can build it. Whether you’re looking for something to meld into your vehicle’s interior, or want some flash to emphasize the stereo system, we can cover it.

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