Entertainment with Style: Mobile Video

Headrest Mobile video

Headrest Mobile video

With EAS Mobile Video you can entertain your passengers with a good movie, music concert or even with video games while you are driving, and the best part is that you can integrate your mobile video with your sound system for a better experience.

Entertain Your Passengers While You Are Driving With Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Entertaining your family and friends while you drive hasn’t been any easier! With mobile video, you can entertain your children on those long trips with movies or video games, and it gets better, they will be able to use their own screen and headphones. Same as if you are traveling with adults, they can enjoy the pleasure of watching a good movie, TV show or… why not a video game as we mentioned before? They can use headphones or you can use the speakers of the car for a better sound quality.

The video screens can be integrated into the headrest or also on the roof of the car, and we will do this without any permanent modification on the vehicle.


Mobile Video Extra Features

Audivox Overhead Video System

Nissan Armada Audivox Overhead Video System 

Some of the Mobile Video models that we have available include hands-free calling. This is a great advantage, since you can make and receive calls without having to use your cellphone and avoid being stopped by the police. Also, you can use your mobile video system as a platform for GPS, or add a rear camera on your car and use the screen to view what’s in the back of your vehicle when you shift into reverse.

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