Fight The Pollen With Elite Auto Salon

Spring Cleaning Detailing

Finally the sun is shining and the winter coats have been tucked away for the season. No more snow…or so the experts say. As great as the warmth and the sun is to frolic around in the park with that special someone, the sun does have one flaw: it tends to highlight any tiny flaws in the pain of your car. Streaks, nicks, chips and discoloration is all the more prevalent in the bright sunlight. Plus, a whole lot of winter gunk that has made your car look dull and dirty. At Elite Auto Salon we have seen it all before, and we know how to fix it.

Elite Auto Salong Detailing Service

EAS Auto Detailing

Give your car a boost

Luckily you live in the Colorado Springs area, so you have the luxury of being able to bring your car to the Elite Auto Salon for a quick makeover. Just like spring cleaning your house, your undercarriage and engine could probably use a good detailing, as well as the interior to your car. Especially if you are thinking of changing up your vehicle for the summer season; having your car thoroughly detailed will help get it looking and smelling as good as new, and ultimately help improve the buyer’s perception of the cars condition.

Interior of car

Clean interior

Fight the pollen

With spring and summer come pollens and allergies. Taking a walk in the park can feel like a death sentence if you are prone to pollen irritation and constant sneezing, and your car may seem like a safe haven from springtime allergy attacks. However, if your car hasn’t been detailed in while, you could be breathing in a dust and pollen with no room to escape. Getting your car thoroughly detailed, I mean all the way up in all the pipes, vents and airflow systems can help reduce those sniffles by removing old and new dust that has settled in your vents and is now blowing directly in your face as you drive.

Corvette engine detailing

Detailing inside and out

Just like new

Spring and summer is a great time for a renewal, you change your hair, your clothes, your apartment, but your car is just the same old car you’ve had for years. With a good detailing, you can can have that “brand new car” feel all over again, so you don’t actually have to go and buy a new car, you can just bring it to Elite Auto Salon and we will have it looking and smelling as good as new when you pick it up. We will wash away all the winter dirt and grime from your windows and headlights and spruce up the old paint job, which improves the safety of your car, as well as the overall look and feel of your daily driver.

EAS Architects of Fidelity

EAS Architects of Fidelity

“Architects of Fidelity”

At Elite Auto Salon we have something for everyone, from the best audio installation in town, to vehicle wraps to professional detailing. We are constantly growing and challenging ourselves to be the best in the business, doesn’t mean we are skimping on our service. In fact, even as we grow bigger and better, our goal is still the same: deliver the highest possible customer service and quality to each and every client we deal with! Call us today to see how we can make your car the best it can be.