Happy Father's Day from Elite Auto Salon

Who taught you to love what you love?

Many of the things we love, we learned to love since we were kids. It takes no genius to know we learned those from the people in our lives that inspired passion. For many of us, that was our dad. But if dad wasn’t around much, there might have been a father figure or a strong male that loved something so much that we wanted to learn everything we could about it. That was my grandpa! Dad was around, he was a great provider and is still a true friend to all his kids. But grandpa… Grandpa loved cars!

EAS passion for cars

Grandpa’s legacy

Grandpa’s true love

Grease! Yes, grease. I think he loved to get dirty and greasy much more than he loved the cars. But he loved classics. He always took them apart and put them back together. I always wondered how he knew what all those pieces worked, but he did. Grandma died young, so he was part of our family, my favorite part. I remember the soles of his shoes better than I remember the look on his face. He has always under those cars. Come supper, he has to be called to eat more than once, pretending he couldn’t hear well, because his world was so complete when he was doing what he loved. His slow walk to the table, his greasy hands on a greasy cloth. I know you’ve seen it in movies, I saw it at home and it’s embedded in my mind, smells and all… He always smelled like a car. And not the brand new car smell, but the greasy, dirty car smell. And he was always happy, and we were happy. And he was fun, and passionately greasy.

Interesting thing about passion

Different generations may have different ways to show passion. My dad is a great man too, he loves cars but hates to get dirty, he’s was more the business type, as he says. Works hard and pays for the best people to work on his car, and then enjoys driving it and making it sound good!

Dad loves EAS because Elite Auto Salon can do anything he needs to make his baby to look, smell and sound amazing, and he never has to get out of his perfectly tailored business suite. He loves a great ride, but would never get under the hood.

love a great ride

Passionate about classics

Us kids, we have all loved cars since the day we were born. Favorite toys were anything lego with wheels. When I say love, I mean, LOVE! Passionately and absolutely. Even the girls in the family and I’m talking good looking, feminine car lovers. To us all, Greasy Grandpa is our hero, a family legend. He taught us to appreciate a perfectly restored classic beauty, and not being easily impressed by the outside but appreciate what’s under the hood, the true heart of a car. And his lessons make sense in real life too.

We all know we probably spend too much time detailing and washing our cars, and not enough time walking the dog. We’re always late to dinner and can spend hours on the phone with each other, talking “grandpa talk”, yes, cars! But we know how to appreciate the good things in life, family, true friends and sharing with them at a dinner table.

And that’s the thing with passion. You pass it on, you use it to teach and you either have it or you don’t. Grandpa had it.

EAS Architects of Fidelity

Elite Auto Salon – totally passionate!


Elite Auto Salon in Colorado Springs, totally passionate. And the best! So if you need your car looking amazing and sounding fantastic, EAS is the place to go. 
Why do we say this. Many people will get all romantic about Father’s Day, good for you all. I take the time to remember what I’ve learned from the mean that have meant most to me, and the rest of the family. So here’s to you grandpa, and all the good things about life, and cars, that I learned at the table, sitting next to you after a long, hard day of work. And here’s to you dad, and all the good things, about life and work that I learned from you too. And here’s to all the Father’s on their special day! Love with passion and teach with passion.

Be the best you can be in what you love and leave the rest to the people who love what they do best, like EAS, Architects of Fidelity!  

Happy Father’s Day from Elite Auto Salon