Preheat Your Vehicle And Avoid Easy Theft With Remote Start Systems

Remote Start

Remote Start

At Elite Auto Salon we offer only the best quality products in the market, and COMPUSTAR Remote Start Systems are not the exception. Today we are going to talk about the advantages and the different features you can have with remote start systems.

Advantages Of Remote Start For Your Vehicle

With remote start you can preheat your vehicle without the inconvenience of going outside. It only takes a pressing of a button and your car will start automatically. If you are on that important meeting and need to go to another one, then remote start is the solution for you if you need to save time. Also, for these sunny days, you can remote start your vehicle and use it to cool down your vehicle before getting in.

For those cold winter days in Colorado, remote start systems are perfect to avoid waiting in the cold for your car to warm up. With remote start your car doors will remain locked, so nobody would be able to enter your vehicle without your car keys.

COMPUSTAR Remote Start System

All the remote start systems we have available come with the starter kill feature and a panic button to activate the car alarm. Besides the basic features mentioned before, we also have models available with full security system integration, car finder, run timer, auxiliary buttons, etc.


Avoid theft

But wait, that’s not all we have available for you! With selected models of remote start, you can control the system from your smartphone, allowing you to have multiple vehicles in one single interface and assign more users to control the vehicles.

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