One of many good things about EAS: we help you recover your car’s looks

Tired of those unfortunate dings and dimples?

EAS Paintless Dent Repair is not a regular service, it’s really a plus. We know when you want to get your car looking good, those unsighty dents don’t help. So if you bring your vehicle in for any of our services, we can help you recover your car’s good looks!

Anyone that’s ever had a car should know that despite your loving efforts to be as careful as you may, your precious baby is very likely bound to get hit at some point by any abominable third party object and be marked for life.

Ramming door denting

Typical door denting

Of course we are talking about those types of incidents where no one is really hurt like a Colorado hail storm, an unattended supermarket cart running free to hit your beloved vehicle, or the less-than-careful person that parked next to you at the mall and rammed his door into yours… Or, why not, that tree or pole that appeared out of nowhere when you were backing up.  These type of accidents where the paint remained intact and no internal damage was suffered by your car, no longer need to leave a scar! What can our paintless dent repair do for you?

Let the EAS professional staff take care of it

As you, we only settle for the best of the best, that’s why you’ll want to bring your beloved four-wheeled friend to Elite Auto Salon and once it’s here, getting a cool design, a wrap, window treatments or any of our other excellent services,you can have those unsightly dents removed by professional technicians. They will use special tools to access the inside of the body panel and work out the dent without so much as cracking the paint. Is that simple and much better than attempting to use a DIY kit!!

EAS dent repair

EAS dent repair

Depending upon the location of the dents, prices can vary greatly, so feel free to ask us for a quote at no extra charge.

What are the benefits?

Besides no drilling, no patchwork and no repainting?  There are more advantages:

  • As soon as you notice a dent in your car, there’s no way to avoid seeing it every time you are admiring its beautiful lines, maybe causing some frustration and despair because of how it happened.  By removing it, you can go back to enjoy his flawless beautiful lines again.
  • If you are thinking of selling your car, getting the dents removed will help to make it more desirable and you may be able to sell it for a higher price.

Call us now for a free quote.  Prices vary depending on the location of the dent.

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