Save Money And Time With Police Radar Detectors in Colorado Springs

If you like speed and want to avoid being stopped, lose money and time by going to court, then you should have a Police Radar Detector on your vehicle. With radar detection, you will be alerted of police units ahead in order for you to have time to slow down and avoid being stopped.

Save Money And Time With Police Radar Detectors in Colorado Springs

With our professional installation, radar detection units can be installed invisibly. So you never have to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior, and it will prevent the radar detector from theft. Also, some of the radar detectors can be synchronized with your vehicle’s electronics, so you can be advised directly on your instrument panel or your stereo system.

Lexus ISF Radar (5 of 7)

Some of the radar detectors we offer have additional features, like a built-in GPS that alerts you when you are passing by a school zone, parks, hospitals and other areas where you should slow down. Also, our units can be set up to alert you when you are travelling too fast, in order for you to control the speed without watching your speedometer.

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With our radar detectors you have the control on the road, no more speed tickets! Stop by our Cimarron Showroom and let us show you why we have the best aesthetics services for your vehicle, from car audio to vehicle wraps. We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Police Radar Detector

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