Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)

Protect your vehicle’s paint with this invisible polyeurethane coating. Our expert installers ensure a perfect long-lasting application.

Unparalleled Protection

Much like the old vinyl bumper bras, clear bra acts as a barrier from debris scratching the finish on the front of your car. Clear bra does a much better job, and looks better in the process. It cushions impacts, preventing scratches and dents, all in a nearly invisible razor-thin urethane film. Rock chips, bug damage, dust abrasion, and our Colorado sand and gravel de-icer are no match for clear bra protection, and can be installed on any surface of your vehicle, protecting your paint in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Long-Lasting and Durable

A properly-installed clear bra can last for as long as you own your vehicle. It will not yellow, fade or bubble. It will protect the same, and be nearly imperceptible for years to come.

Clear bra doesn’t just take damage that would normally impact your paint; it cushions the impact so that the clear bra itself remains pristine, just as if nothing had happened at all. If your clear bra is damaged at some point, it can be easily removed and replaced.

Tailor Fit Installation

Our clear bra installation is handled entirely on a case-by-case basis. We don’t use kits, and instead cut the material to match the specifics of your vehicle. This allows us to offer a variety of protection options including: hood, fenders, bumpers, blast zones, rocker panels, door edges, door handles, roof, mirrors, a-pillars, or any other area where you want superior protection. We can even cover glass, providing the ultimate protection for your headlights and fog lamps.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Once applied, your clear bra can continue to protect without another thought, although you can treat your clear bra just as you would your paint finish, with regular washing and even waxing.

With traditional vinyl bumper bras, dirt and moisture would build up under the bra over time. This would scratch and unevenly fade your paint in the area it was meant to protect. These are no issues with clear bra. It makes a tight bond with your finish, allowing nothing underneath.

Paint Protection Film Services

Clear bra can be installed on any surface of your vehicle. We have put together packages to give varying levels of protection. You can also request specific areas a’la carte. Please contact us for a free quote.


Wear and Tear
  • Door edges and door handle cups
Essential Package
  • Fenders and mirrors
Blast Zones
  • A-Pillars, roof edge and wheel blast zones
Colorado Package
  • Fenders, bumper, headlights and mirrors
Elite Package
  • Entire vehicle coverage

A’la Carte Options

  • A-Pillars
  • Door Edges
  • Door Handle Cups
  • Wheel Blast Zones*
  • Rocker Panels*
  • Trunk Lip
  • Roof Edge
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
    Headlights can be tinted at the same price.
  • Grill*
  • Bumper
  • * Price may vary

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