Custom Fabrication

However you want your sound system to look, whether blended with your interior or more flashy, we can build it.

Harmonized With Your Interior

Every vehicle has its own look, and oftentimes a plain one-size-fits-all speaker box won’t look like it belongs. Whether you’re looking for something to meld into your vehicle’s interior, or want some flash to emphasize the stereo system, we can cover it. Our welding and fiberglass techniques ensure the best in fitment and security, while our finishing techniques can ensure that your sound system will look as if the car came that way.

More Equipment Options

Your vehicle may have come with a radio of a specific size, and speakers of specific sizes, located in specific spots in your car. The stereo system you want may not match all these specifics. We can accommodate this, allowing for different place-ment and fitment, opening up your equipment choices to be limited only by your tastes. Oftentimes, these custom installation options come without any permanent modification to your vehicle.

Greater Control

A custom fabricated speaker box gives the ultimate control in how you want the speaker to sound. For subwoofers, you may want a sound that blends well with your other speakers, or you may want it to play as loud as possible. After choosing the subwoofer, your musical tastes will guide the rest, allowing us to choose the proper enclosure type and volume to match the needs of the speaker as well as how you want it to sound.

Stealth Installations

One of the best ways to protect your investment is to make it look like there’s nothing there. If someone did break into your vehicle, they wouldn’t know that there was anything to steal. Amps can be hidden under seats or behind interior panels. Subwoofer boxes can be hidden behind false trunk walls, or even be mounted inside the interior body panels, within fiberglass enclosures precisely molded to the space.

Custom Fabrication Services

If you can dream it, we can build it. We list pricing only as a ballpark estimate. Depending upon what you need, prices can vary greatly, so please contact us for a free quote.


Speaker Pods
  • Install the speaker component set of your choice, despite factory sizing.
Dash Kits
  • Install a new head unit or video navigation unit in a factory location of a different size.
Amp Racks
  • Securely mount your amplifiers in a custom welded rack, or integrated into your sub enclosures.
MDF Sub Boxes
  • Custom sealed, ported or bandpass sub box at proper volume built to fit behind your back seat.
Fiberglass Sub Boxes
  • Custom subwoofer enclosure molded to fit in any area within your vehicle.
Kick Panels
  • Component speaker pods built to fit in the corners of your front floorboards, opening up your soundstage.

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