Remote Start

Enjoy the convenience of preheating your vehicle without going outside, or leaving it unlocked for easy theft.

No Waiting in the Cold

A remote start system will allow you to preheat your vehicle without ever going outside. You press a button and your engine starts. It’s that simple. While the engine is running, your doors remain locked and the car can’t be moved.

Likewise, for those Summer months your remote start system can be used to cool your car before you’re ready to leave.

The Safest Way to Preheat

While preheating with a remote start system, your doors remain locked while the engine is running. Even in the case of a break-in, the engine will be disabled as soon as the car is put in gear without a key in the ignition.

All of our remote start systems also come with basic security options, such as starter kill features and a panic button. Some models come with full security system integration, for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Convenience Features

Our remote start systems come with additional features to help make your life easier.

Car Finder – If your car is lost in a crowded parking lot, you can press a button for an auditory signal letting you know where your vehicle is parked.

Run Timer – You can set an amount of time for your car to run before automatically shutting down, ensuring that you aren’t wasting gas during a delay in getting ready.

Auxiliary Buttons – Programmable key fobs are available for assigning actions, such as trunk unlock or window controls right on your remote start pager.

Smartphone Integrations

Compatible remote start systems can be controlled all from your smartphone. You get full control over the remote start functionality, as well as many other features such as:

  • Lock / Arm Alarm
  • Unlock / Disarm Alarm
  • Trunk Release
  • Panic
  • Car Finder

You can control multiple vehicles all in one interface and assign more than one user to control a vehicle – great for family use.

Remote Start Products

We offer a variety of remote start products that fit every budget. Please contact us for information on pricing and installation.

Remote Start Systems

  • Simple single button remote
  • 1000 foot range
Prime T9
  • Interactive remote with start, lock, unlock and trunk
  • LCD confirmation for all functions
  • 3000 foot range
Pro G15
  • 4-button remote with start, lock, unlock and trunk
  • 2 mile range
Pro T11
  • Interactive remote with start, lock, unlock and trunk
  • LCD confirmation for all functions
  • 3 mile range
Drone Mobile
  • Smartphone control for remote start
  • Unlimited range
Factory Remote
  • Utilizes your factory keyfob to start your vehicle by pressing LOCK 3x
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