Sound Dampening

For a quiet luxury ride.

Less Road Noise

Sound dampening along the flooring and firewall will make for a dramatically quieter ride. While driving at any speed, you will notice a difference in the ambient noise in the cabin of your vehicle, due to the cutting of engine and road noise. Even the most basic of cars can be made to give the quiet comfort of a high-end luxury car.

Enhanced Audio

A quieter environment gives fewer frequencies that your stereo normally has to compete with. This will bring out the subtle details in your music that you may not have even been able to hear before. For upgraded sound systems, this will also allow for a more natural tuning to get the most accurate sound reproduction possible.

No Rattles

Your speakers and subwoofers will often cause your door panels and trunk lid to rattle, which is not only annoying for people outside of your vehicle, but also degrades the sound. By properly dampening these surfaces, you get a cleaner sound and passerbys are left in peace.

Sound Dampening Services

We use our own proprietary sound dampening products, which are proven to be of utmost quality to last for the life of your vehicle. Dampening installation can vary by model, so please contact us for more information on pricing and installation.


  • Installed as a full baffle across the doors, isolating the sound in the cabin.
Trunk Lid
  • Stops annoying rattles caused by trunk subwoofer installations.
  • Reduces road noise within the cabin of the vehicle.
  • Reduces engine noise within the cabin of the vehicle.
  • Further isolates outside sounds for a luxury quiet interior.

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