Did you know high temperatures and UV exposure can SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE?

Is your car ready for heat?

Is your car ready for the heat?

With temperatures finally moving upward, not only are you going to love the refreshing difference, but your vehicle is going to feel the heat as well. The sun rays may be a welcome change but they can do some serious damage to your car. So get your car ready for the heat now, while there’s still time.

Hot summer hot car

Hot summer. Want a hot car?

High temperatures and UV Ray exposure can actually peel the trim, fog the headlights, fade the paint permanently and can damage the clear coat of the most exposed parts like the roof.

The interior suffers too. When the temperatures reach 90 or more, the inside of the car can reach 150, literally baking everything on the inside meaning your iPod, phone, groceries, you name it… If you don’t protect the interior from the continuous exposure to the sun, it can actually crack the dash, fade the carpeting and destroy the seats. Fixing these problems is much more expensive than preventing them.


Hot summer…hot car

There’s a big difference between a hot car that’s literally burning from the inside, and a hot car that is beautifully preserved. Of course we want to avoid the first and aim for the second hotty. And just maybe, you’re wondering how you get your car ready for the heat of the Summer days ahead, so here are some Elite Auto Salon tips:

professional detailing

EAS professional detailing

3 ways to keep it cool

Let the professionals handle the wash and detailing. Many people think that a simple car wash is enough to protect the car against the UV rays…but is not. Without the expertise of the professional hands of our detailing experts, the car simply won’t obtain the same results when you wash it. Get a Swirl-Free Treatment.

Keep it protected. CLEAR BRA is another option you have. Virtually invisible, doesn’t alter the aesthetics of your vehicle nor factory finish. It also helps preserve resale value and is highly resistant to UV rays. Concourse Package from the CLEAR BRA selection. 

Go for a WINDOW TINT. There are several types of shades that will help reduce the car temperature considerably and protect the upholstery, dashboards and steering wheels from the UV rays and heat. Elite Auto Salon provides the best window treatment in Colorado Springs.

Corvette at EAS

Corvette at EAS


At Elite Auto Salon we have renowned quality and highly trained professionals that will help you obtain the best results on any of the three advises we just mentioned. Our goal is always to deliver the highest possible customer care, service and quality to each of our clients. Call us today at 719.325.6974 or visit us at 2180 VICTOR PLACE, COLORADO SPRINGS. We are Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.