The New EAS Website

Since our move from Elite Audio Solutions to Elite Auto Salon, we have been essentially running without a website.  Instead, we’ve focused on our Facebook presence to foster a community where we show what projects we’ve been working on, give details of upcoming events, and provide notice of our special promotions.  Over time, we’ve realized that this isn’t the best format for giving general information about what we do.

We’ve spent several months building this website in-house with the same attention to detail and aesthetic quality of our automotive builds.  Our focus was on providing a clean interface and organizational structure to find information on all of our services, as well as to showcase our work.

The new EAS Blog will see regular updates explaining in detail specific aspects of our services, and show what sets EAS apart from everyone else.  Be sure to add us to your favorite RSS reader or Flipboard on your mobile phone.

Our social media presence will not change, so please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to stay current on all of our projects.  We take pride in everything we do, and we love to share.