This Father’s Day we show you 3 ways to spruce up his car

There are so many ways you can help your dad get his car “updated” and upgraded.  Father’s day gives you the perfect excuse to get him some renovations because, let’s be honest, he spends a lot of time in his car. So here are 3 things you can go for to spruce up his car and ease his daily commute.

EAS detailing services

For Father’s Day: spruce up his car at EAS


Car audio: Get a Proper Balance

Balance is always important. Even the small things like that Car speakers can make a big difference if they are well balanced. Have you noticed that the speakers are all at different distances from the driver’s seat? This causes the sounds to reach the ears at different times which blurs the sound. Digital processing units will delay the sounds from the speakers in a way that they all have balance which creates a clarity that will unexpectedly surprise him.Help your dad hear his favorite tunes much better than ever before!


How does your dad’s audio system sound?


Detailing: The New Car Feeling

Over time, dad’s car loses the essence that it had when he first got it. The paint begins to dull. The interior picks up stains and can take on odors. That’s when our professional detailing at EAS can impact the feeling inside his car. The paint will get back that deep gloss shine. Dull plastic trim will look new again. The seats and carpets will be free of dirt and stains, and it will smell like new. In simple terms, having dad’s car detailed will make it feel like the day he bought it. And if has never bought a new one, he will finally experience the sensation! This is truly a great gift for any dad…

car interior

EAS makes any car feel like new with Auto Detailing


OEM integration: Upgrade Without Alterations

If your dad isn’t the biggest fan of change but does want to be modern, a great idea is to purchase a digital sound processor that will allow him to fully upgrade his sound system without needing to change the radio on his dashboard. OEM integration takes a clean signal from the head unit and distributes it to the amps and speakers, leaving the rest of the vehicle’s electronics intact. As an added benefit, the sound processor allows your dad to tweak how the sound is distributed, which lets him set the balance in the driver’s seat. Even if you don’t upgrade your speaker system, you will hear a dramatic difference.

Audison AP8.9 bit amplifier

Let him hear his upgrade with our EAS OEM Integration

“Architects of Fidelity”

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